About Us

Locationers Real Estate Lifestyle is one of the leading real estate magazines globally, with a presence in more than 70 countries. Our magazine recognizes the importance of knowing the industry; therefore, it brings professionals and individuals all the News and Trends of the Real Estate market from around the world.

Being part of the Locationers Real Estate Group, our magazine is considered to be one of the elite and reliable sources for real estate information.

Locationers Lifestyle focuses solely on the real estate industry. We wanted to have a specialized magazine that will aid real estate professionals and individuals who wish to be engaged in the real estate industry.

The magazine features Real Estate Industry News, Market Trends, Insights, Tips, and Solutions for professionals working in and around the industry or people interested in this market.

We provide the ability to professionals to showcase their portfolios, their work, and their publications.

Also, Locationers Lifestyle offers the tools to individuals gain knowledge and variable information on the real estate industry.

At Locationers Real Estate Lifestyle, you will find information about;

  1. Investments
  2. Jurisdictions legal frameworks
  3. How-to articles
  4. Tips and Solutions
  5. Countries Real Estate and Economic Analysis
  6. Market trends and many more.

The Real Estate industry is a significant economic pillar of almost every country in the world.  Its significance lies in the fact that it satisfies many categories of needs, i.e., source of income, Investment, housing, wealth, employment, space to work, etc.

For many individuals, a real estate investment may be one of the most critical and expensive decisions in their lives.

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