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Want to Stay Fit While Being Safe? Here’s How


Nowadays, most people spend almost all their time at home due to extensive social distancing policies because of COVID-19. As a result, many people are struggling to maintain their fitness.

This is a problem that many people experience. But the good news is that there are a few things that you can do to maintain your fitness while you are in quarantine. To know more, continue reading this article.

Tips on How to Stay Fit While on Self-Isolation

Here are some tips on how to stay fit while being safe:

  • Stay Physically Active

Things such as going to the gym or taking walks at nearby parks are not an option anymore. This is because most fitness centers are closed. There is limited access to public places where you can work out to ensure social distancing. It is understandable why staying physically active while isolated at home can be difficult.

But there are many ways for you to stay physically active while you are at home. The most effective way is by allocating time to do a home workout. According to the World Health Organization, an individual must have at least 75 minutes of active exercise or 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per week. They should also do at least 2 days of muscle training per week.

You can take advantage of online resources to find the right home workout for you. There are hundreds of resources available at the tips of your finger.

If you want a more interactive or gym-like atmosphere, you can get a virtual coach. It is basically the same experience you would get when you work out at the gym, except that you are doing what your coach asks you in the comforts of your home.

  • Stretch Whenever You Can

There is a high chance that you spend most of your time sitting or lying in bed while you are at home. When you do this, your muscles will get stiff, and you can experience a lot of aches and pains in different parts of your body. Luckily, this can be avoided by doing stretches whenever you can.

Regular stretching can help improve your posture and range of motion. It also helps prevent injuries and decrease muscle soreness.

  • Eat a Balanced Diet

Eating a balanced diet is an effective way of maintaining your overall well-being. It helps prevent unwanted weight gain and weight loss.

The best way to achieve a balanced diet is to choose a variety of food from the following food groups daily:

  1. Vegetables
  2. Grains and cereals
  3. Fruits
  4. Meat
  5. Milk, Cheese, Yoghurt

However, eating a balanced diet can be a little difficult while you are on self-isolation because you will not go to the grocery store as often as before. But there are several alternatives for you; for example, you can have fresh produce delivered to your doorstep or grow your own vegetables.

  • Keep an Active Mind

Studies show that there is a link between cognitive fitness and physical fitness, which is why you should also invest efforts in this area, especially while in quarantine.

You can do this by playing games such as sudoku and crossword puzzles. You can also try watching quiz-based programs and try answering the questions.

  • Learn to Meditate

A lot of people have developed anxiety while in quarantine. This is unavoidable because of the drastic changes in the environment and decreased social interaction. One thing that can help ease this anxiety is by practicing meditation.

Meditation has been a trusted and proven method of reducing anxiety and putting your mind in a relaxed state. It will also help you manage your headspace when the going gets tough.

Just like home workouts, there are plenty of online resources for meditation. There are also different kinds of techniques that you can try for yourself.

Tips on How to Transform a Small Room into a workout space

Lack of workout space is a common issue that prevents people nowadays from staying physically active. If this is your case, then the tips mentioned will help you transform a small room into a workout space;

  • Determine What Type of Workout You will be doing

Before buying new things or rearranging a room to become a workout space, you first need to decide what type of workout you will be doing in that space. Is it going to be a yoga practice space, or are you planning on doing a lot of high-intensity exercises or cardio?

By answering this question, you can streamline the things you need to convert your small space into a gym. You can also plan the layout of it ahead of time.

  • Invest in Small Equipment’s

Bulky gym equipment such as treadmills can make a small room look smaller. To avoid this, it is best to opt for compact gym equipment. Also, choose versatile gym equipment so that you can use it for multiple workouts.

  • Incorporate Storage

It is easy for a small space to look even smaller when there is a lot of clutter. To avoid this, you should incorporate storage space for your workout gear to keep the room neat and organized.

You can use a basket to store yoga mats and towels. You can also use metal etageres to sort out weights and other gym equipment.

It is also a good idea to utilize the vertical space in your small room and hang some hooks and shelves. These can be used to store lightweight gym gears.

Final Words

The current situation caused by Covid-19 is difficult for everybody. But maintaining your fitness is now more important than ever. Although doing this is easier said than done, given that many things have changed, the tips mentioned above can help you make it more manageable.
They are easy to follow and proven to be effective. However, it is important to take note that staying fit is about being physically active. But you must also invest in ensuring that you eat a healthy diet, and your mental state is in good condition.

The Characteristics of a Modern Real Estate Agent


A real estate agent usually has to have good characteristics which will appease their potential clients. Their traits also help them to succeed in the real estate industry, which may be very competitive in the modern world.

The real estate market is usually not the same, depending on how a client views it. However, similar characteristics are important to potential clients before they decide whether to trust their real estate agent or not. These traits tell a client more about the real estate agent without even asking anything about their work line.

Below are some of the character traits that are essential to look at;

  • Determination

A real estate agent needs to be driven in whatever they set their mind to achieve. They should be driven by their work, passion, and dedication while serving people who seek their services.

 It is usually the foundation where everything is based and where certain character traits such as honesty, integrity, and transparency are built. Many clients usually feel the need to have a real estate agent who is driven.

  • Inquisitiveness

Many people are advised to first look for a real estate agent who always asks questions about what a client wants rather than always presenting his/her pitch. By asking questions, they get to know one way better and what they need when making a deal.

In turn, this process helps a client be comfortable around them and respond to their questions. Clients should feel that they are being persuaded to make a deal rather than feel that they are being manipulated. In the end, it ends up making both parties win.

  • Trustworthiness and tenacity

Some of the best real estate agents usually worry about the long-term relationship with their clients. Therefore, they must become completely honest with them by giving full facts before deciding to make a deal.

It is also important to be pleasantly persuasive to the client. This process at times becomes difficult since real estate agents never want to cross the line that may infuriate their clients. It is, therefore, one tactic that they usually master to perfection.

  • Transparency

Transparency is one of the crucial characteristics when looking for a real estate agent. Many licensed real estate agents are obligated to be very honest to their clients on whatever they want to share with them.

Transparency is essentially crucial during a transaction process when a deal has been made. Both parties must agree on when and how the deal is to be paid, and the necessary material required is obtained, read, and understood before finalizing the deal.

  • Technological mindset

Modern real estate agents usually have a technological mindset that involves solving problems using data, artificial intelligence, and automation. They usually use 3D diagrams, which can show a client what they are about to purchase and how technology may sort some issues.

Access to data usually helps the real estate market reach out to clients who need to get real estate agent’s services.

  • Communication

Though many real estate agents use formality and confidentiality when dealing with their clients, it is usually important to communicate with plenty of transparency. This process is achieved through communication by email or text messages when giving facts to clients.

Real estate agents who communicate well don’t confuse their clients, and they know how to respond to questions that are asked if the client wants any clarification before they agree on a deal.

  • Responsiveness

Responsiveness is usually a good way of building rapport between a client and a real estate agent. Despite a busy schedule, good real estate agents usually find time to respond to any queries that a client may need clarification.

Some of the best real estate agents usually make their clients feel very important before they agree on a business deal. This process ensures that the client trusts them rather than making a quick deal and moving on to another project.

  • Work ethic

One factor which separates the best agents and average agents is work ethic. A real estate agent must be very hard working so that the objectives of their clients are met. A real estate agent should work harder than the rest to become the best in the market.

It’s usually hard to find real estate agents with this character, but when clients are lucky, they are sure not to be disappointed since they put everything into satisfying clients’ needs.

  • Underlying passion

Before selecting a real estate agent, one should investigate whether they are up-to-date with the current market, good communicators, and in-depth knowledge about the real estate industry as a whole. By knowing some of the things, one may decide whether they are passionate about what they do rather than as a means of making money.

Some of the best real estate agents usually follow whatever a client wants to the letter. It’s usually known that without the desire to know more, everything else falls apart.

  • Emotional intelligence

The best agents are among the ones who are emotionally intelligent. By knowing more about a client and understanding what they want, a real estate agent can develop easy solutions before making a deal with a client.

Real estate agents need to understand their clients’ so that they can come and buy their services rather than sell them to them.

  • Ability to pay attention

A good real estate agent should listen to their clients keenly as they say what they are looking for before making a deal. This process may be achieved by taking down notes, encouraging them to be comfortable and keep on talking, and asking questions on where they have not understood.  By doing so, clients can see that attention is being given to whatever they are saying.

By considering the above characteristics, one should get a good real estate agent who can ensure that your needs. A good real estate agent usually has good energy that a client can see; hence, a client can easily reach a deal.

The Benefits of Real Estate Investing


Real estate refers to land properties that have buildings or houses on it. It also includes the natural resources found within the land, such as water, crops, and minerals.

Nowadays, the prices of lands and buildings are rising, so lots of investors are purchasing real estate property to gain profits. These properties are often rented out, but some investors choose to resell them.

Investors can gain profits by reselling the real estate property with high costs. Sometimes, the value of real estate can increase after repairing it.

On that note, here are other benefits that you can gain in real estate if you are considering becoming an investor:

You Can Have a Steady Income
Most people who invest in real estate have a steady income by renting the property, which means gaining a lot of profit.

Income and profit margin depends on many factors, such as the location which is one of the most important points.

For example, an urban city full of universities tends to have higher rental rates as the demand is high there. Before investing in real estate, you must keep in mind that it is very important to choose a strategic location which will lead to huge profit.

Long term financial security
One of the benefits that investors will get is long-term financial security. When they get a lot of profits from their investment, it means lots of financial benefits. However, there is no assurance on how much investors will gain as it is related on the characteristics of the property itself. A well-done research about an exact property will help a lot!

Tax Incentives
One of the perks in having real estate investment is the tax exemptions from owning a real estate that is for rental purposes. This is probably why a lot of people want to invest in real estate property.

Ease in Mortgage Payments
Another benefit of a real estate investment is that you do not need to worry much about your mortgage payments. Considering that the income you get from the tenants is enough to support you financially, including mortgage payments.

High Inflation Rates Can Increase the Value of Your Real Estate Property
Inflation rates is another benefit of investing in real estate. If the inflation rate is high, the value of your property increases. If this happens, then so does your rental income. That is why real estate investors embrace inflation with open arms.

You are the Boss
Another best part of being a real estate investor is that you are your own boss. You can decide about everything that you want to do with your property. You are the one in control of almost everything, including your strategies on how to attract renters.

Real Estate Investment Can Help the Community
Real estate investment can help the community to improve. It has a huge impact on the status of the community. Through the real estate business, housing in one’s community can be improved. It can help various people who are living there. When investors buy and repair homes, the people who are renting could perceive pleasantness towards the place, improving their self-esteem while living there.

Real Estate Investments Can Help You Save For a Child’s College Education
Investing in real estate can help you earn savings which can be useful for college education. Young families are recommended to buy a property for each child if planning to attend college. By doing this, you can earn lot of money from tenants which means less stress about college expenses and tuition fees.

You can help people to have a comfy place they can call “Home”
One of the benefits of investing in real estate is giving people the opportunity to feel like “Home” by making sure that you are the responsible one as an owner of providing a safe, clean, and healthy house conditions by keeping an eye on every single detail.

You Can Change Your Place of Residence Anytime You Want
If you own more than one property, you have an option to change your living environment anytime you want. Most people would like to live in a two-story house when they must raise their family. While some families decide to live in a one-story house because it is more manageable for them.

You Can Help Your Local Economy
Another advantage of real estate investing is the opportunity to help your local economy. As you invest in real estate, there are times that you need to employ local contractors and buy materials for building houses or for building repairs.

You Can Earn Passive Income
When you invest in real estate, you can earn passive income that is almost tax-free. You can earn from your rental income even when you are doing nothing. By purchasing lots of rental houses, you could earn lots of money and gain lot of profit, enough to cover all your expenses.

Real estate is usually considered as a great investment because its value increases over time. This is called appreciation.

That is why some of the investors and owners prefers to buy and sell again to gain extra profits, or they will go to rentals option which will be profitable on the long run.


Having a shelter above your head is one of the basic human needs. That is why investing in real estate is probably ideal for investors in gaining more profits.
Investing in real estate has many benefits, from having a steady income to providing homes for other people. Just keep in mind that you need to consider some factors before purchasing real estate properties, such as the location and the quality of your rental houses.

Sneak a Peek on Buyers Mind


Every customer seeks to find the best value for their hard-earned money. As such, every buyer who intends to acquire property has a lot of factors to consider before deciding whether to buy or not.

In fact, paramount to this decision-making process is the customer seeking information on the property they intend to buy.

With that said, this article shall look into what goes through a buyer’s mind during the Buyer Decision Process.

What Is the Buyer Decision Process?

Buyer Decision Process or Buying Decision Process is a set of steps the customer makes before purchasing. The following are some of the cycles the customer undergoes during the process.

  1. Analyzing needs: the first step for a buyer is to analyze his desired needs and seek for the best potential properties options.

  2. Shortlisting: the second step is shortlisting the most suitable properties which will make the process easier and save some time to concentrate on the viable property options.

  3. Attention to details: at this stage, the buyer is keen on each property details, such as condition, price, payment method an if the price is negotiable or not which will lead to the final stage.

  4. Finally, the decision to buy.

To gather information, most buyers do not necessarily go to the sales representatives. They would instead find information from the following sources:

  • Internet
  • Previous experience if they had bought any property before.
  • Relations (friends and family)
  • Real estate experts

Property Features That Buyers Look For

Buying a property, especially for those doing so for the first time, is a significant decision.

Many buyers are particular in what they are looking for. They tend to be unwilling to compromise their preferences even when there is a shortage in the listings.

Below are some of the key features that buyers search for a property they intend to acquire:

  1. Location

The property’s location is always the number one factor for most, if not all of the buyers. All the other features of the property can be customized to suit the buyer’s needs, and nothing much can be done to change the location that the customer has decided.

  1. Community Amenities

Some buyers give a keen consideration to the area that surrounds their home. They want a structured provision of services such as grounds maintenance, garbage collection, and heightened security provision.

A Home Owners Association can provide all these services. Coincidentally, this is also among what a buyer is searching for.

  1. Proximity to Good Schools

Buyers look for property that is close to good schools. A good number are interested in a property where their children can attend good schools without needing to commute across town every day. A beautiful home in a good school district is a real gem for potential buyers.

  1. Convenience

Buyers look for convenience that the property they intend to acquire can afford them. This is based on how easy for them to get to work, school, fitness, and entertainment.

This convenience can also include the upkeep of the property itself. Such convenience makes homeownership easier, which is welcome for all buyers.

  1. The Flexibility of Space

Many buyers look for a property with an extra bedroom. This extra space provides flexibility for the homeowner to convert the room for any use that suits their lifestyle.

This can be turned into a home gym or a play area. An office can also be made out of the space with the increased instances of home-based businesses.

  1. Smart Home Technology

The adoption of technology in homes has taken a vital role in buyer preferences. Buyers look into smart home technology to manage their energy usage, easy communication with their loved ones and even increase their home’s security.

Because of this, the latest smart home technology is on the consideration list of many property buyers.

  1. Legal Flexibility

When buying an apartment, most buyers prefer that the company they acquire it from has the legal provision that allows them to rent out the property.

Most customers, however, often forget to check if their building will enable them to rent out the property they have invested in at the time of purchase.

  1. A Modern Kitchen

Buyers often search for properties that have up-to-date kitchens. These are in terms of modern countertops, high-end cabinets, and appliances. People also look for larger kitchen spaces when they want to buy a home.

  1. Large Yards

Property buyers have already realized that the actual value of the property is in the land. Upgrades made to the home will depreciate with time.

This is why people seek to buy a property with an ample backyard space where they can envision their children and pets playing.

A large yard can also provide additional space for entertaining guests and having social events such as barbecues.

  1. A Garage

For most buyers, a garage is a must-have. Though some may not park the car in the garage, they can still use it as a storage unit.

Others have even turned their garages into workshops where they work on hobby projects. A garage provides a good selling point for the property.

  1. The Value of the Property

This is the most considered feature by property buyers. The value of the property can be determined subjectively, and it varies from buyer to buyer. Property can be valued in terms of price per square foot, location, and resale value.

  1. High-End Finishing

Buyers look for homes that have high-end finishes. Some want a modern look in their new homes, particularly with master ensuite bedrooms. However, the price of the property can spike depending on the nature of the finishing.


Final Thoughts
As mentioned earlier, property acquisition is a considerable investment, and buyers put a lot of decision-making into it. By understanding what the customer wants, real estate agents can boost their sales by tailoring their property to meet their customers’ needs.
The property market is a very competitive one; with trends changing at each turn, so does the customer’s needs. A real estate agent or homeowner who leverages these features to appeal to buyers is set to make quick and profitable sales.

Real Estate Inbound Marketing


As real estate marketers, you are constantly expected to come up with new ways to attract sales. Inbound marketing is one of the latest opportunities created by the internet for the real estate industry. But what will inbound marketing do for the real estate industry specifically?

What is inbound marketing?
Inbound marketing is a marketing methodology that highlights the importance of content creation, it aims to build relationships with potential customers.

This form of marketing tries to attract leads by providing interesting and engaging material. Content marketing, which involves topics like social media and blog posts, infographics, and videos, is an example of inbound marketing. 

Why should I use inbound marketing for my real estate business?
Before the rise of internet marketing, real estate firms had to purchase advertising space on the radio, television, and magazines to raise brand awareness and reach out to potential customers. Unfortunately, they had no way of knowing whether they were finding the right audience or not.

Inbound marketing is a more effective way for your real estate company to create more sales through analytical observation. You will not have to wait a long time until you get potential customers. Also, the cost for inbound marketing is roughly 62% less compared to traditional advertising channels.

This marketing method, for the most part, deals with modern consumer behavior and uses analytics to identify future buyers and introduce them directly to you. This approach is directly opposed to the old methods, which mostly ended in you attempting to offer your products to people who are just not interested.

Inbound marketing allows you to analyze your potential clients’ online activity, making it easier to identify suitable prospects. While your scope may be limited, your conversion rate should be higher. It is because your potential clients are the ones who actively seek you and your services.

How do I use inbound marketing for my real estate business?
Inbound marketing is a form of marketing that uses the internet to gain leads by providing relevant content and implementing various technical strategies. Here is some advice you can follow to ensure that your real estate inbound marketing campaign is optimal.

  • Creative and relevant content

You should produce content that addresses the customer’s issues before they even realize they have them. Make sure the content you produce applies to the service or product you’re offering and also relatable to the details your customers are searching for. More importantly, it should be both insightful and creative.

Creating relevant content is beneficial not only to your consumers but will also help your business’ website ranks higher on Google’s search engine result page. As you continue to create more valuable content, your customers will be able to quickly find your business this way.

  • Make your real estate website search engine friendly

Speaking of Google’s search engine result page, user behavior surveys show that everyone begins their search for any kind of product and service by typing into a search engine.

Keywords would undoubtedly be used when creating content for your website. The more relevant keywords and phrases are, the higher your search results rank will be.

You can use Google Analytics to help you with your research. It will tell you which keywords your future clients are using and how much traffic they are generating. It will show you how users might interact with your website.

  • Build your website with a specific goal in mind

You should be aware that your customers want to gather as much data as possible from one single compact source. You may have gathered all of the valuable information, but how you present it on your website is much more critical.

When looking for a new home, buyers might use a variety of devices. After all, however, they can visit various websites and make a final decision based on which real estate company provides them with the most comprehensive information.

If your website contains all of the required details, such as demographic information, information about local universities, and functional add-ons, you may end up with a new loyal customer.

  • Optimize social media platforms

Social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are designed not only for distributing content and increasing traffic back to your website but also for building brand awareness and increasing interaction with potential clients.

Sharing your content across these channels helps you to interact with your audience by responding to surveys, offering tips, and addressing any questions they might have.

The social nature of these networks also allows potential clients to perceive you as a friendly and reliable real estate agent involved in the community who loves responding to people’s concerns.

  • Keep track and evaluate your inbound marketing strategies

It’s awesome that you’ve done everything mentioned above, but how would you know it’s working? As a result, you must evaluate the strategy and assess its efficiency and conversion rate.

If you believe your current plan is ineffective, don’t be afraid to try anything different. Try creating more engaging and memorable content so that your customers do not forget your name.

Gone are the days of sitting down at a desk with a bunch of contact lists and calling through hundreds of people trying to sell your properties. Buyer behavior has transformed now. What any of those buyers would do before spending their money on anything is to go to the internet and google it.
With inbound marketing, you can reach out to potential clients without wasting your time cold selling them all of the time. You will get more pre-qualified contacts, which, hopefully, can result in a better conversion rate.
Lastly, inbound marketing allows you not only to raise customer engagement but also to begin the trust-building phase even before you speak with the customers.
It is no surprise that you will achieve success in the real estate business with effective inbound marketing.

Real Estate Investments Advices | Buying a property in Cyprus


The Mediterranean Sea island “CYPRUS” is blessed with fascinating beaches, forests, heavenly waterfalls, and breathtaking natural views.

Cyprus is considered an “ideal relocation destination”; it is one of the top preferences for people willing to buy a property on such a breathtaking island.

Relocation decision is not an easy decision since it may be affected by a lot of characteristics. But the most important and primary factor when deciding to buy your dream property is the location.

People who prefer the beach will choose a beachside property if their budget allows it.  Seaview properties usually cost much more than a city or mountain property.

The purpose of buying a property will affect the location choice. If it is a vacation home only, then a mountain property is more likely to be selected, while, on the other hand, a summer home usually is a beachfront property.

If you are looking to buy properties for future investments such as rent or resale, it is better to choose properties in the city center, close to amenities that will be easier to rent or resale, etc.

Buying a property for either your permanent residence or seasonal home is a pretty complicated procedure that may lead to disagreement and sometimes misunderstanding between the involved parties due to the convoluted process and negotiations needed.

First, since buying the right property is one of the most important factors, buyers should start the decision-making process by assigning an experienced legal advisor to be their trusted partner throughout the entire process. After a well-trained legal consultant is hired, you should start searching for properties matching your needs.

It is essential to shortlist the best available options compatible with your needs and requirements. This way, you will make it smoother for your legal advisor to decide which developer is the best option according to his financial state and capability to finish the project on time.

After deciding which property to buy, the negotiation stage starts, where the seller and buyer try to determine the sale price. In terms of getting the best sale price, the well-qualified legal advisor is the best negotiator who will do the work for you.

Before preparing the contracts, legal consultants must handle the necessary procedures and due diligence to verify if the property is legit, the growth prospects of the property, area, and find out any hidden burdens or traps, if any.

As a seller or prospect buyer, there are some key points you should go through and keep an eye on before signing the contract, i.e., agreed price, payment terms, delivery date, dispute, and penalty fees in case of delays or cancellations etc.

Keep in mind that before heading to register the property, the whole amount should be paid in advance (loan, cash payment, etc.). The lawyer handling the transaction could offer their deed services to secure and safeguard both parties’ best interests.

For transferring the property title or lodging of the sale agreement at the Land Registry, the involved lawyers will organize and manage the payment procedure. For the transfer fees, it is on the buyer.

Before reaching the Land Registry, due diligence by the lawyers is performed for the buyer to know the exact legal status of the property and if there are any financial burdens or other issues before proceeding with the title deed transfer or lodging of the sale agreement.

Buying a property is a complicated process and time-consuming procedure that involves several parties until its completion. Therefore, when purchasing a property, a Lawyer is essential, and he/she is the key person to simplify and safeguard the transaction procedure at all stages.

UK Real Estate Market: Economic Current Situation and Forecast

UK 1

In the United Kingdom (UK), the real estate industry includes buying, selling, renting, and operating either owned or leased land property. It also includes real estate activities that involve paying and contracting. The market divides into two sectors, commercial and residential. The Real Estate market is one of the most contributing sectors in the economy of the United Kingdom.

The real estate market (commercial subsector) in the United Kingdom is the biggest in Europe, following by France and Germany. Since 2016, investments in commercial property had increased over 500 billion pounds by the year 2018. Several factors influence the market dynamics of the real estate industry, such as the climate of the economy, the shift in supply and demand, etc., resulting in changing the availability, vacancy, costs of rent, etc.

Housing Market in the United Kingdom

The housing market in the UK had a positive history in 2020, even since the lockdown period. It seems that many people want to buy a new house or move to other places.

In October 2020, statistics showed that North England has a good reputation in the real estate market, having a vast number of renters increased their rent and house prices.

Various factors can affect the housing market in the UK, i.e., the recent pandemic crisis. Since there are lockdown rules and restrictions now, many people wish to buy their own house. Another example is the decrease in interest rates.  Low-interest rates are favorable when property investors or homebuyers acquire a loan.

  • Conditions of Housing Market in 2021

The price growth of UK houses in 2020 had an average increase of 7.3%. Savills (a real estate company in the UK) revised a predicted outcome of UK house growth in 2021, from the percentage of 0% – 4%. Since the UK has a low mortgage interest rate, it might attract and help homebuyers.

  • Price Growth of UK houses for the Following Years

Savills predicts strong growth in UK housing prices. According to them, most sellers in other countries do not give up or sell their property for a low price.

The demand for buying a house will not decrease because new dwellings are slow down, and most people are doing work from home. This market behavior is making the housing prices increase, expectedly.

In 2022, strong price growth of UK houses is forecasted. Despite the predictions, though, the housing market is expected to cool down in the future. The cooling down may depend on economic growth. If the economic growth reduces, the price growth of UK houses might reach normal levels.

Nowadays, the prediction of UK housing prices is 4%. For the following years, it would be 5% (2022), 4% (2023), 3.5% (2024) and 3% (2025). Five years from now, house prices are expected to increase by 21.1%

  • The Regional Growth is Strong for the Coming Years

Savills thinks that the south-east and eastern part of London will lead UK house price this year. Also, price growth is expected in places that are further away from the capital.

In 2022, Yorkshire, Humber, and the northwest part of England will lead having a 6% price growth of houses.

The expected significant increase from now to 2025 is in northwest England (28.2%),  followed by Yorkshire and Humber with 28.2%. The largest growth in real estate is expected to be seen between 2021 to 2025, with a 28.8% rise in the northwest. Yorkshire and the Humber will follow closely with a projection of 28.2%.

Causes of Price Growth of UK Houses

  • Strong buyers’ demand.
  • Having a home during the pandemic period is important.
  • The number of properties is slightly increased.
  • Some London’s citizens migrate to other places such as Scotland and the northern part of England.
  • Lower mortgage interest rates.
  • Benefits of stamp duty holiday.
  • Urgent need for a home during the pandemic lockdown.
  • When the economy improves, some foreign buyers are willing to buy a home.

Statistics of UK Renters

The English Housing Survey in the UK reported 4.5 million people in England live in privately rented homes. At the same time, 4 million people live in socially rented homes.

According to the survey, most people who rent in private (71%) said it is easy to pay the rent with 33% of their income. While social renters have 28% and mortgagors have 17%.

Tenants Report

The report stated the main reasons why tenants move in the last three years. First, it is job-related (18%), second is moving to a good neighborhood (16%), third is moving for larger space (13%), and 12% moved because of the request of the landlord.

63% of tenants who privately rent have no money saved, and 33% reported that they don’t have much savings. 58% of British renters said that they’d want to buy a home of their own. 77% of young Brits plan to buy sometime sooner, at some point in their life.

The Importance of the Housing Market in the UK Economy

When the prices of UK houses go up, most homeowners would probably feel more confident.

Conversely, when the prices of UK houses go down, homeowners would think that their home will have less worth, lesser than their mortgage.  So, homeowners would practically stop spending money and start making some investments.

The most significant source of debt in UK households is a mortgage. So, if many people have loaned a larger amount of money, bigger than the value of their home or income, the banking system is at risk, affecting economic growth.


The real estate market of the UK is in good condition, especially the housing market is in demand during these times. Many people might want to buy a new comfortable home since all the activities nowadays seem to occur at home due to the pandemic crisis.
Most people are working at home, and some are not allowed to travel, making people want to have a better place of their own. However, the housing price growth is just a prediction, and some factors may affect the outcome, such as the standing of the economy and the shift in supply and demand.

Why a Real Estate Investment is a Good Decision in 2021

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Real Estate investments are among the safest investments in a portfolio since they are under the category of asset investments with a physical substance that depreciates over time.

Aside from generating passive income through the purchased property, it is also a great long-term investment since its value can increase over time. Moreover, you can include real estate investments in your overall asset management plan to increase your wealth.

But to do so, you have to make sure that you are prepared to invest in this industry.  

In the beginning, you might have to spend quite a lot of money for upfront expenses to start a real estate investment, i.e., such as purchasing apartments, houses, lands, etc.

Reasons “Why it is a good decision to invest in the Real Estate Industry.”

Cash Flow Is Predictable
Cash flow means the net balance of cash from an investment after all the mortgage payments and operating costs have been paid. When you make a good investment in real estate, you can have a 6% or higher cash flow.

The Value’s Worth Increases
Corresponding to the National Association of Realtors, the appreciation levels in real estate have been 6% each year since the late 1960s. These statistics include the economy’s downturn at the start of 2007.

Real Estate Gives You an Edge
With Real estate investments, you earn the advantage of leveraging. How?  Using the money you borrowed, you get a leverage advantage since you can use it as investment capital to gain additional funds from potential ROI (return of investment). Furthermore, you can use the mortgage to lessen the initial cost of the investment for buying a property. The yearly return you can get from a $200,000 property with a net cash flow of $20,000 paid in cash is 10%

Let’s say you have a loan of $150,000 which has 5% interest and 30 years’ amortization. However, 75% of the money you paid to buy the property is from a loan. Even though you factor in the expenses of paying the mortgage, the return is 22% yearly.

After you have created equity in a property, you can have an edge in the cash you invested in and refinance your original loan to increase equity or secure another loan. As a result, you have money to purchase another property.

Equity Builds Up
You can purchase several properties with a small down payment as long as the balance is given through debt financing by a lender. In the long run, the capital of the mortgage will slowly be paid off and becomes more rapid by the end of the amortization period.

Real Estate Can Be Renovated thus Improve
One of the attractive and unique benefits of a real estate property is that it can be renovated. Real estate properties are tangible because they use brick, concrete, wood, and glass when build. Therefore, you can make improvements in the value of the property through renovation.

Regardless of whether the repairs are aesthetic or structural, the principle is the same. You can earn more since you can choose what you want to enhance.

Real Estate Corresponds with Retirement
When you purchase real estate, the principal reduction on a mortgage and cash flow is lower. Once payments are made on the mortgage, the cash flow increases, and you can earn more over time if the property is a forced savings program. Therefore, real estate is an ideal investment for retirement because the cash flow increases as time pass by.

Tax Is Deductible
Different deductions are allowed for standard expenses incurred when you own real estate properties because of tax codes. Some of these expenses are maintenance, upkeep of the property, developments, and the interest payment for the mortgage. These deductions can compensate for your income and lessen the total tax payment.

Real Estate Depreciates
Depreciation is a non-cash cost allowed by tax codes that depreciates your investment property’s value over time; thus, the value of your investment increases. The decrease in depreciation provides a real estate investor with a better cash flow and reports a low earning for tax purposes. Subsequently, you get a higher ROI more than you expected.

Tax Rates Are Lower
After a year, the gain you earn from selling an investment property is subject to the tax rates from capital earnings. Depending on your tax bracket, it is usually 15% or 20%, which is typically lower than the personal tax bracket.

Real Estate Can Expand Your Portfolio
Real estate is a way to lessen your risks. A real estate property is more advantageous when you have invested a lot of money in other ventures. Many experts suggest expanding your portfolio in order not to lose everything at once in the case where the industry you have invested in goes down. Real estate is an ideal investment because it is much safer to place your money in that industry than other investment types.

Real Estate Helps Communities
Your real estate investment can help communities because you are helping the local economy by giving homes or temporary places to people. When you invest in affordable homes and maintain and develop them, you can help people by giving them a comfortable shelter.

Many people cannot afford to have a house of their own because they cannot have the ability to pay even the smallest down payment. Therefore, you can help the community when you purchase 1 or 2 abandoned houses and develop them.

Finally, you have a better understanding of “why it is a good decision to invest in real estate.” One more advantage is that the industry is not complicated, so that anyone can try it. Purchasing and financing real estate is easy. Besides putting down money, you do not have to go through a lot to enter the industry.
Many investors do not have difficulty improving their properties, and they can also enjoy tax advantages. Therefore, an investment in real estate is becoming better and better for ordinary people.

Italy Real Estate Market: Economic Current Situation and Forecast

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The real estate business is one of the most profitable businesses around the globe. It deals with the selling, buying, and management of real estate properties. With the growth of more urban centers, the real estate business’s growth has been on the rise in the recent past. It has also been boosted by the migration of people to towns searching for jobs and other opportunities.

The outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic has affected various businesses around the world. The real estate industry has not been unaffected either. The pandemic has made most people lose their jobs and other sources of income. This situation has made it difficult for them to raise enough money for their rent and other expenses. In Italy, for example, the COVID-19 pandemic hit hard, forcing the government to lock down the country for an extended period.

This article highlights the current economic situation as well as the forecast of the real estate market in Italy. It also explains the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the real estate market in Italy.

Real estate market in 2021

The Central bank policy and capital flows have offered their commitment to supporting Italy’s real estate market. This strategy aims to help in creating a favorable environment for the business. Capital will more likely focus on residential sectors, alternative segments, and logistics.

Impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the growth of the real estate market

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has made most people in Italy, and the world rethinks their lives. Recent research in the United States reveals that many people worldwide and even in Italy are now escaping from densely populated cities in search of spacious places. This trend is more likely to benefit the countryside areas in Italy and other smaller towns. The shift to live outside the cities will also lead to alternative demand.

Visits to real estate properties have undergone a significant decline following the lockdown and other strict measures imposed in the country by the government to reduce the spread of the virus. This strategy has led to an increase in property owners who want to sell their properties. On the other hand, the pandemic has posed a threat to those who want to buy homes because of the difficult times.

Why more people in Italy are now living in their own houses

Most of the people in Italy are now occupants of their own homes. A survey carried out in 2019 by Eurostat shows that various owners occupied about 72% of the total households in the country. As of 1980, only 59% of Italy’s total households were owner-occupiers.

There are various reasons for the increase in ownership of homes in Italy. Some of them include;

  1. Rise of the living standards despite the slow economic growth.
  2. A new housing demand that is destined exclusively for ownership of the home.
  3. Availability of ownership tax breaks and mortgage relief.

E-commerce and working for the future

Most people are now considering how and where they should live. They are also thinking of how they can shop as well as how they can work. This situation has accelerated the crucial changes in the real estate market before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. The growth of e-commerce services has helped in transforming most of the purchasing habits.

The advancement in technology has made things simpler for most people in Italy to work from home, especially during the lockdown imposed after the pandemic outbreak. This condition has posed a severe threat to the essence of the office in the working environment. Thus, it is more likely that most offices in the city will resume depending on infrastructure and local demographics.

Resilient assets will replace the obsolete real estate assets

In a recovery process after a crisis or any pandemic, some assets prosper as others become obsolete. This notion also applies to the real estate market in Italy after the pandemic. Investors will be forced to reassess the assets’ life cycle because of the pandemic’s risks. They will also put into consideration the long-term changes such as technology, sustainability, and demographics.

Experts have said that the recovery in Italy and the world is going to be ”K-shaped”. Some of the asset classes’ incomes and values, especially in the retail and hotel sector, will decline. They will also increase for other various assets. This new reality will be enhanced by alternative assets like personal storage, medical practices, data centers, and life sciences.

Big cities and towns to continue struggling in 2021

The outbreak of the pandemic made many cities and towns in Italy lose their population. Millions of residents left their urban centers, most congested, to avoid being infected with the coronavirus. This situation outcome was to leave many cities in Italy with struggling economies, high vacancy rates, and plummeting rents.

The coming of the vaccines has brought back hope to most of the struggling cities and towns. However, it is more likely that the rents will be bouncing back very soon in the urban areas. Most people will still consider keeping safe by staying away from densely populated places such as cities until the situation will be brought back to normalcy. Most cities and towns in Italy will therefore continue to struggle in 2021.

Rental rates

Rental rates have declined since the outbreak of the pandemic. The pandemic made most people lose their jobs and other sources of income. Some residents have been evicted from their rental homes for failing to raise the required amount of money. Experts have predicted a further increase in eviction until normalcy will resume in the whole country. This means that rental investors are more likely to face a harder, challenging period in the coming months.

Experts have also predicted that rental rates will be on the increase after the pandemic. More people will require housing facilities in towns and cities hence an increase in rental rates. This state will make investors channel more resources towards the real estate market. It is thus likely that the real estate market in Italy will grow again after the pandemic.

Investors Mindset – How Investors Think | What Investors look for When Investing in Real Estate


Real Estate investing is a business to many that require critical thinking, persistent planning, and proper management.

Real estate investors, though, think differently. But they have the same and right mindset regarding what sort of real estate properties they are in pursuit of.

Below you may find some points of what you need to know about investors’ mindset, the key factors, and their importance.

  • Real Estate as potential capital gains

Investors think that the real estate business is a wealth generator. As it entails a lot of money, you are looking into a brighter future in the investment. Real Estate investments in most parts of the world are a powerful wealth-building path mainly due to the benefits you may enjoy, such as predictable cash flow, excellent returns, and diversification.  

Real Estate is said to create a significant number of millionaires. And many believe that it has always been a profitable option of investing your money.

You must look for the best properties, carefully selected ones, to achieve Real Estate investing benefits.

  • Geographical location

The location is the key element of property for profitability in Real Estate investing. It is a constant factor. You can make a lot of changes to the property, but you cannot alter its location. As an investor, you look for areas that are reasonably high in demand and supply in any event.

The investor contemplates accessibility to green spaces, scenic landscapes, and amenities. Not to mention going for investment properties in emerging neighborhoods that may maximize profits and ensuring the income to cover all costs.

  • Property Valuation

It is beneficial to look for a property’s pricing and value guide to estimate its future value. The investor can evaluate if the property is overvalued and ask for a lower price.  Most importantly, being aware of how to calculate your property’s value with the help of online tools and trained professionals prepares you to buy, sell, tap into your real estate equity or even negotiate for lower property taxes.

After that, start looking for real estate valuation approaches such as:

  • Sales comparison approach will show a current comparative market analysis.
  • Cost approach will convey tangible ideas as to the cost of the land, building costs less the depreciation values, for new construction.
  • Income approach will indicate expected cash inflows appropriate to buy and lease real estate investment.

  • Investment Goal and Scope

The investor always has a clear mind regarding their plans and perspective. The investors’ purpose is to reach financial independence, monitor liquidity, and monitor the real estate value. Mounting out specific and detailed goals corresponding to the class of property you explicitly preferred, the positive cash flow, and the location, among others.

You look out for concrete strategies that fully identify your well-thought-out intentions. To guide you on this, you may select from the variety of Real Estate investing, following:

  • Buy & Self-Use. You will have savings on rentals; there will be the benefit of self-utilization and gets value appreciation.
  • Buy & Lease. You will enjoy the regular income and long-term value appreciation. The disposition of the landlord is at stake here. It should be able to smoothly handle possible disputes and legal issues, manage the tenants, etc.
  • Short-term Buy & Sell. In most cases, the profit is quick and at a small to medium level. Properties under construction promise profit upon completion
  • Long-term Buy & Sell. Usually, there is an essential value appreciation over a long period that may cover your long-term goals like retirement, family expenses, and other significant costs.

  • Positive Cash-Inflow Expectations and other Profitable Chances

One of the key benefits of Real Estate investing is its ability to generate cash flow. This cash inflow is the ‘glue’ that keeps your investment sensible. It is the net income of your stake after deducting your mortgage payments and operating expenses. Your funds will grow over time as you exceed your outgoing costs and pay your debts. It both works for long-term residential and commercial rentals and short-term vacation rentals as well.

Investors consider other opportunities for profits from the below situations:

  • Appreciation of the property, thus increasing its value. History has proved that Real Estate properties are an excellent source of profits because of all-embracing rise in investment property value with time.
  • Buy Properties to renovate and resell. Even though this method is time-consuming and costly to invest in, it can produce huge gains because it adds value to the property itself.
  • Depreciation Benefits. Investing in Real Estate ensures significant tax advantages. This case applies to rental property owners who may use depreciation to reduce their taxable income. They will deduct from the purchase price and improvement costs in their tax returns. The depreciation is applicable once the property when it rents. Often, it eliminates income taxes, as well. Hence, it is crucial for real estate investors to know the new emerging tax laws.
  • Profits generated from business activity. Making money from real estate investments entails special services and business activities, owning an office building, for example. You may install vending machines in the property and other small income-generating businesses to augment your earnings. These will not require specialized skills. In this particular field or market, opportunities for profits can be endless.
On those notes, we may declare that investors prioritize thinking above all things. They are empowered to build a life and the future they wish by investing their money, time, skills, thoughts, hopes, and desires.  
Franklin D. Roosevelt once said that “Real Estate cannot be lost or stolen nor can it be carried away. Purchased with common sense, paid for in full, and managed with reasonable care, it is about the safest investment in the world.” 
What an inspiring quote from a famous person!