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Ways to Connect with Your Audience in Real Estate

Ways to connect

The real estate business has become a profitable venture today. However, there is a lot of hard work involved to ensure that you attract more clients than your competitors. Therefore, as a real estate agency, you need to devise ways to connect with your customers.

In this era, technology has made communication, connection, and networking easier. All you need is to determine the specific technology modes that will suit your real estate business best. This article pinpointed the most effective ways to connect with your audience in your real estate venture.

Here are five ways that you can connect with your audience as a real estate professional:

  • Activating Toll-free Numbers
    The majority of the population today owns/uses a phone. Therefore, having a number that your clients can call or send messages will be an easy way to connect. However, a client may want to communicate but is unable to due to communication costs. With a toll-free line, they will reach you regardless of the amount they need to pay over their phone.

    Additionally, many more clients will connect with you if the line is reachable 24/7. All your clients will have different ventures and will be free to make calls at different times. It is thus advisable to accommodate all of them by being available whenever they need to call or text you.

  • Making Use of Social Media Platforms
    There are many social media platforms you can connect with your clients. However, you should first determine your target group. Different groups of people have diverse preferences for social media platforms. For instance, while the young generation will prefer Instagram, the older generation will prefer Facebook.

    Ensure that you are active on the social media platforms that you choose to use. Respond to the clients’ questions and messages. Also, post your various products and update them frequently to keep your audience up to date. You can cooperate with a social media manager or assign some of your staff members to run the pages.

  • Engaging Middlemen
    In addition, you can connect with your clients through a third-party company that will market your business on your behalf. Third-party companies specializing in such marketing and reaching out know how to be closer to the audience. They will earn some amount of money from the sales that happened because of their marketing channels. Therefore, your clients tend to develop confidence in these middlemen, making it easy to communicate through them.

    You can make use of the middlemen to relay helpful information about your business to your clients. You can also encourage your clients to express their concerns through the middlemen. This way, you will deliver your business objectives and get your clients’ feedback through the same medium.

  • Using Press/Print Media
    You can use press and/or electronic media to deliver your business objectives to the public. You can do so by paying airtime for an advert. Once the advert is on, you can choose the audience criteria, when, and how they can get in touch with you. Alternatively, you can pay for extra airtime where your clients can ask questions and publish their concerns to gain the opportunity to answer and earn public trust.

    Additionally, you can pay for airtime that allows you to feature on a show on a radio or TV station. You can market your business to the audience and answer their questions live.

    You can then provide your social media accounts, phone numbers, and other contacts through which prospective clients can reach you. Remember to leave your contact information with the radio/TV station for the audience who may contact them asking for the same.
  • Opening Multiple Physical Offices in Different Locations
    A physical office is essential for any business venture. It provides a place where your clients can reach you at any time. They can visit the office any time, confident that they will find you or your representative there. Furthermore, they will engage in transactions with you in the office, not worrying about being defrauded by impersonators.

    As your business grows, you can set up offices in various locations to take your services closer to all people. Remember to set up the offices in all areas where most of your target clients reside.

    This way, they will reach you faster and easier It would also help if you set up offices in remote areas with no real estate businesses going on. In this case, you will introduce the venture to the residents and serve them with no competition.
  • Conducting Roadshows
    Roadshows are a way of marketing that can connect your business with clients. During roadshows, you get to deliver your objectives and introduce your business to the audience.  Additionally, your clients are able to ask questions or make inquiries during the roadshows.

    Roadshows further provide a chance for the audience to interact with your staff members. Here, they get a personal closeness with your business, encouraging them to engage in business with you. Getting to meet you or your representatives physically gives clients the confidence to work with you. Consequently, your business will grow faster.


Final Thoughts
The client is the most important person in the real estate business. Therefore, a real estate agent must strive to make sure that they are always in contact with the clients. You can only do so by developing modes of communication that connect you with the clients. The article stresses some of the most common and effective ways of creating and sustaining contact with your clients.

Before choosing a specific method of connecting with your client, determine the ones you will sustain. The most sustainable methods are ones that you can easily fund without hurting your business financially. They also include ones that you and your staff find easy to use. Remember to only settle for a medium that your clients will be in an apposition to use with your troubles. 

Reasons Why Brazil is an Excellent Real Estate Investment Opportunity


According to some studies, real estate market investment has been increased and noticed around the world. In our following discussion, we will be focusing on Brazilian properties. Various factors have led many investors to choose Brazil as their next real estate investment destination.

The rising state of Brazil’s economy and stability in politics are some of the prime factors that have led many people to decide to invest in this area. Brazil provides excellent opportunities to invest, and most of the investors are trying to get their share.

Why Brazil?

Nowadays, Brazil can boast as one of the shining stars in the region of South America in terms of investment growth. The tourism industry has hit an excellent rating, and most of the tourists are relishing their chance to visit this area.

Property prices are low compared to other regions, coinciding with a budget for many investors, both old and young. Lovely beaches and sunny days all over the year in some of Brazil’s regions make it a vacation haven for foreign tourists.

Best Regions in Brazil for Real Estate Investment

There are various flights to Bahia, Brazil, which creates domestic and overseas real estate opportunities for investors. The affordable flights and warm climates throughout the year give foreign investors a good reason to buy Brazil real estate.

The returns on your real estate investment are promising and expected to be doubled after a few years. A stable Bahia, Brazil economy, and tourism have drawn the attention of increased foreign investors from all corners of the world.

The region has impressive beaches, which are a favorite to most investors and tourists who want to have an exceptional holiday experience. As an investor, you need to get the real picture of the capital requirement and the expected returns.

What makes Brazil the best hub for real estate investment?

  • Economic prediction by experts
  • Better returns from property
  • No restrictions for foreign investors
  • A rise in demand for quality homes
  • Growing property markets
  • Brazil has an underdeveloped market
  • Affordable properties
  • The beauty of Brazilian properties

    Economic Prediction by Experts
    Economic experts have analyzed real investment in Brazil, and they have some positive news to report.

    The experts have high hopes that Brazil will emerge as one of the dominating forces in the economy and real estate investment across the world in the next decade or so. For this reason, investors have not held back in pouring their resources into this region.

    Better Returns from Property
    Investing in property here in Brazil has caught the eye of many investors who have got their returns to grow significantly over time.

    There are attractive options in real estate investment, especially in the urban areas where people are moving to seek apartments.

    A vast population is looking to move from their temporary residents to permanent houses, which have led to lucrative deals in real estate investment.

    No Restrictions for Foreign Investors
    The Brazilian government has not shied away from supporting foreign investors to invest in their country. There are no restrictions to buy a property in Brazil, whether you are a resident or non-resident. The purchasing process is smooth and easy, which pushes many investors to get the urge to invest in this area.

    For instance, the purchasing tax has some favorable options, which can be at zero percent for residents and much-reduced tax rates for non-residents. In Brazil, the only restriction in buying a property is imposed on rural areas or border points where only the residents can buy.

    The other notable bonus for buying a property in Brazil is that the sale of properties is on a freehold basis. That means the buyer will be in a position to acquire the land ownership on a hundred percent basis.

    A Rise in Demand for Quality Homes
    Many people are now planning to move their families to a much spacious house as the family gets bigger.

    Alternatively, the elderly are also looking for somewhere they can settle to have a good time during their retirement.

    Real estate investment has helped many people settle in quality homes to enjoy their lives with many comforts.

    Growing Property Markets
    Recent research has shown that it will not be long before Brazil’s current prices double.

    Many people prefer to get a space in Brazil with an endless coastline and favorable weather before a hike in prices.

    Some exciting regions are everyone’s dream to live in, and the prices are reasonably low compared to other areas of Europe.

    Brazil has an Underdeveloped Market
    There was a record of high recession in the Brazilian market for some time now, making it challenging to develop the land entirely.

    Due to the recession, there was an increase to many acres of land lying idle and underdeveloped.

    Finding a large land to invest in, in Brazil is very simple, depending on your area of selection. Foreign investors are welcomed to invest in real estate and take advantage of the land and develop fully.

    Take Advantage of Affordable Properties
    The crisis of the economy in Brazil is not ending soon. The economic situation creates a good setting for investors, both domestic and foreign, to take advantage of the real estate market and enjoy high returns.

    These crises have contributed to a cut down of Brazilian property prices considerably compared to other states.

    Here, properties are available at an affordable rate creating more opportunities for more real estate investors. Therefore, invest in the Brazilian proprieties now and enjoy your investment’s high returns for a few years to come.

    Enjoy the beauty of Brazilian Properties
    The coast section of Brazil or the Amazon area has a natural setting that every investor wishes. The beauty in this region is impressive and will always be.

    The monetary success in Brazil, like any other state, is risky, with many financial crises all over. Nevertheless, Brazilian properties’ natural beauty will always remain amazing and a favorite among many people worldwide.

Real estate investment can be a considerable challenge, especially when you are a newbie in that field. However, such a great opportunity in Brazil will dare investors to give it a try.

An investor’s mind is to make gainful investments that will realize some profits in the future, and Brazil has been at the forefront for consideration.

The return on investment here in Brazil has played a significant role in convincing investors to spend millions.

Real Estate Professionals: How to Stand Out From the Competition

Stand out

In today’s real estate world, standing out from the competition is getting harder.

As a real estate agent, you must constantly bring fresh and authentic innovations to your business. You must also never be afraid to use technology to reach a broader range of potential clients.

According to the data from the government’s census, only in 2017, there are more than 100 thousand real estate brokerage firms operating across the United States. The data does not include independent brokers. Based on that data, it is a fact that competition in the real estate market is getting tougher every day.

Along with the increasing number of real estate brokerage firms, investors also have more options available. Developers will always find a way to attract new customers to buy new houses with different promotion programs and benefits.

The reasons mentioned above are why doing outdated things and providing basic services will only make you fall further since the era requires new approaches, techniques, and communication mediums. Thus, it is of utmost importance to learn how to stand out in the real estate industry.

Below are some tips on how you can stand out from the competition as a real estate professional.

Use Social Media for Marketing Yourself

If you call yourself a real estate agent and do not have any social media account, pick up your phone and register your social media accounts. You can start with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform you prefer. You do not have a reason not to make one because, with just a few clicks and an active email address, you can get a new social media account for free.

With a social media account, you can get yourself connected with your current and potential clients. You can promote your properties there, and you can start building a reputation for yourself. You can create your image as the go-to real estate agent in the area who is always happy to help and ready to provide for any of your clients’ needs. And, the best part is, you can do all those things while lying in your bed!

However, when using social media, you can omit things that are not related to your real estate industry. So, it would help if you kept in mind that it is essential to position yourself carefully. Only post things that are related to your target market. Also, you will need to learn how to engage with your audience and potential customers.

Get yourself a camera and start making short videos that trigger interactions from your potential buyers. Videos like “Should I Rent or Buy a House?” or “Five Things to Consider Before Buying Your First Home” are some topics that can help you engage with your potential buyers and show that you are a helpful real estate agent as well.

You can also market yourself as a real estate agent specializing in one niche market, such as small cabins, vintage houses, or luxurious mansions. This strategy might not be applicable in every situation. If you are sure that you can perform well enough and focus on one niche market, you should try this strategy.

Provide Unmatched Client Experience

What truly makes you different from the other agents in town? The answer here is how you deliver the most satisfying services to your clients. Satisfied clients are the best way to build your reputation. They can open doors for many other potential buyers.

One way to deliver satisfying services is by listening to your clients. Always listen and understand your clients’ needs carefully. Understanding your clients do not apply only during the transaction process but also after the transaction is over. Ask your client if there is anything you can do to make your services better. This way, your clients will feel respected, and you will leave a memorable remark in their hearts.

Another way to improve the client experience is by being easily reachable. Your clients love convenience. So, being reachable and engaging with your clients at every stage is critical in establishing trust with them.

As mentioned before, social media can be an excellent tool to connect with your potential buyers. You can also use Google My Business so people can find you easily. With this feature from Google, you can show the world the properties you have sold and the happy clients you have served. Do not forget to politely ask your clients to leave a review for your business.

By providing unmatched client experience, you can have return customers or get a solid recommendation from them if their friends and family require real estate services.

Give Your Clients Realistic Promises 

One common mistake every real estate agent or even every marketing guy makes overpromising, resulting in under-delivering. Even if your clients overcame your mistake, there is a chance that they will not forget the unpleasant part of the experience.

Giving your clients unrealistic promises will only harm your reputation and damage your overall career as a real estate agent. That is why you need to learn how to manage the expectations of your clients.

Ensure you communicate regularly and clearly so that neither you nor your clients miss any important details and end up disappointed. Be entirely truthful with them and make them understand what is going on throughout the process.

By making realistic promises, you increase your chances of exceeding expectations. By prioritizing communication, you can address any of your clients’ concerns and resolve them before becoming a more significant issue.

Final Words
The real estate business is a people business, meaning that you will have to work together with your clients and many other people to make things work. Social media marketing, unmatched client experience, and realistic promises can be convenient to help you stand out in the real estate industry.

After all, making a name and building a reputation in an industry is not an instant process. If you want to be the best real estate agent, always keep an eye on the newest trends and be adaptive to any industry changes.

Real Estate Market in Australia: Why Invest?


Investing in Real Estate is the ideal step towards future earnings. Property investments may provide steady returns and capital appreciation when resale or renovation occurs.

However, you must wisely select the property’s location, building features, and potential growth before proceeding with the purchase. Therefore, it is advisable to invest in a property with potential growth and return on investment.

Being in the Asia Pacific region, Australia is a fast-growing country, and it has a high population rate.  Also, it is amongst the world’s multicultural countries, with a substantial immigration rate increase each year.  The country’s population growth rate creates an upward trend in residential property demand and forms the ideal environment for real estate property investments.

Below are some reasons why you should consider investing in the Australian property market:

  • High Population Growth
    When planning to invest in real estate, one of the points you should consider is the population growth rate. Australia has high population growth, especially in cities such as Sydney and Melbourne. Researches revealed that it is not expected a slow down in the population growth any time soon.

    Investing in these cities is an excellent opportunity for property investors who look forward to capital and rental growth continuity. Australian properties, therefore, can be classified as a long-time investment opportunity.

  • Australia is one of the Most Consistent Property Market in the World
    In the past three decades, Australia has seen a 7% return on investment per annum.
    Return on Investment consistency makes Australia the best country to invest in real estate property; therefore, investors should include it in their search options.

  • Steady Rental Yield
    Australian property market maintains a steady rental yield that makes it a great location to include in your investment portfolio plan under your long-term asset investments.

  • Foreigners can Own Freehold Properties
    Contrary to some other countries, Australia does not deny the ownership of freehold properties to foreigners. As a foreigner, you have the chance of owning a property in Australia as the locals do. An investment in Australian property will definitely offer high returns in the long run.  

  • Resistance to Downward Trends
    Over the years, the Australian property market has shown the ability to resist downward trends. If you invest in the Australian real estate market, you will be confident of holding on to your investment for a long time. Having low volatility, the Australian property market has proven to be the best investment plan compared to other property markets in the World.

  • Australia is a Perfect Place to Live
    Australia boasts of its multicultural cities and natural beauties that trap most people’s impressions internationally. Its conducive living environment supports migration, which raises its population.

    With the increasing number of migration and population, respectively, Australia’s property prices continue to rise with time. Therefore, investors have an assurance of investment growth by investing in Australian property.

  • Minimal Instability
    Australia has minimal instability as far as political, social, and economic aspects are concerned. That said, growth in the country is evident, and you have no worries as you invest in its properties.

  • No Restricted Laws for foreigners in Australia
    Most countries impose restrictive laws that discourage foreign investors. Other countries have banking regulations that discourage foreign investors. However, Australia does not have such restrictive laws, and investing there is considered easy comparing to other countries.

  • Government Approval is Easy for Foreign Investors
    The Australian government has a straightforward legislative framework concerning foreign investments in properties. With the payment of some additional taxes as a foreign property investor, you acquire government approval.

    As a foreign investor, you can enjoy tax deductions by professional accountants’ consultation in Australia. Your submission to the Australian property authorities will be approved within 30 days, which helps you execute your investment plan faster.

  • Overseas Investors are Familiar with the Australian Legal System
    Most foreign investors understand the Australian legal system since it is based on the UK common law system. As an investor, you will have an easy time investing in Australian properties as much as you understand its legal system.

  • Strong Consumer Protection
    Australian legislation offers strong and effective consumer protection. The National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009 ensures that Australian consumers are protected, creating a conducive property investment environment.

  • Existence of Specialist Mortgage Brokers
    You will find specialist mortgage brokers in Australia who will help you qualify for a foreign mortgage. You will thus have a stress-free experience investing in Australian properties with the professional mortgage brokers’ help.

  • No Need of Setting up a company
    Most countries will only allow you to invest as a foreigner after you set up a company there. In other cases, you must buy a property with a citizen to become an investor in that country. However, in Australia, you can invest solely without setting up a company or buying a property with an Australian citizen.

  • Consistent Capital Growth
    Over the last decade, Australian property has registered consistent capital growth. Property prices double approximately every 7 to 10 years. That gives confidence to any property investor who wishes to invest in Australian property.

  • No Speculations from Foreign Investors
    Most overseas markets suffer significant crashes due to speculations from foreign investors. That results in a drop in housing prices, which leads to foreign investors incurring huge losses. Such scenarios are unheard of in Australia since most housing markets here are owner-occupied when investors in other countries are experiencing a crisis, property prices in Australia increase.

Australia has a high demand for rental properties due to its strategic location and its conduciveness to living. The increased demand for rental properties means an increase in rental rates. Therefore, foreign investors have a great opportunity to invest in Australian properties and enjoy capital appreciation and a healthy cash flow.

You have every reason to trust the Australian property market for your next investment plan. However, when planning to invest in Australian Real Estate Market, consider factors such as past growth trends and location before deciding where to invest.

Virtual Real Estate: How technology is changing the industry

Virtual Real Estate

Virtual Technology is the future trend in real estate. Incorporating virtual tours into the real estate industry not only saves time and resources for both the agents and the customers but also promotes a natural feeling of the real estate project. Real Estate virtual presentations allow two-way communication between the agent and customer through a computer environment.

Virtual presentations enable realtors to showcase their real estate properties to customers without any physical contact.

Our era requires real estate professionals to embrace virtual presentations and tours of their real estate projects using technology.  

How Virtual Tours Applies in Real Estate?
To understand how virtual tours work, you need to understand what a virtual tour is and what is its unique feature.

Virtual tours are specially designed to showcase with great detail the fixture and fittings of a property.  This type of representation provides the potential home buyers a detailed tour of the property they intend to acquire without leaving their homes’ comfort.

Realtors use virtual tours to reach even broader markets, thanks to the internet’s non-boundary adherence. Potential buyers who seek to acquire or move to another property find it very easy to access the property’s features and location by utilizing virtual tours.  

Virtual tour creates a real-dimensional presentation of the property interior, location, and view.  Real estate professionals can showcase their available properties to clients in their home’s comfort on a 24/7 basis.

In addition, virtual tour presentations overcome the time shortage problem that a buyer may have when needing to visit all properties physically.   Today, buyers can use virtual tour presentations to shortlist and even compare properties and see only the selected property.

The traditional method of visiting all properties that appeared attractive was very time-consuming and hectic.

Virtual tours in the real estate industry provide an avenue for virtual representation of properties. Now, the available properties are listed on the company website and several real estate platforms. Moreover, virtual tours can help clients form an emotional connection with the property they interact with and help them have a real feeling before coming to a decision.

Real estate agents can also market properties that are still under construction using 3D virtual presentations, all thanks to architectural renderings. With this visual presentation type, clients can get an immersive experience of an incomplete property through 3D rendering and earn knowledge on how the property will be after completion. Before discovering 3D virtual real estate representation of projects, property marketing was a challenging task.

Why is the Need for Visual Representation of a property so important?
Like every other new technological advancement, real estate professionals need to embrace virtual tours into their businesses.

Virtual Tours Importance

  1. Saves Time and Money
    Virtual real estate technology allows clients to visit multiple properties at the comfort of their homes within a matter of minutes. All they need is to visit a real estate company website or a real estate platform and familiarize themselves with what properties are available.

    There would be no need to visit all the properties physically but only the chosen ones, consequently saving a lot of time for both the real estate agent and the client.

    Virtual tours allow real estate professionals to market more properties within a shorter time than traditional marketing techniques. This type of marketing is also much cheaper considering that you can reach a large number of clients.

    Initially, real estate companies had to set up large exhibition spaces of the property that they had on offer. This promotion was costly and time-consuming. Nowadays, there is no need for all of it, thanks to the existence of virtual tour technology.

  2. Global reach
    Since the whole virtual tour infrastructure is digitally presented on the internet, real estate agents can reach clients halfway across the world. Realtors can work with more clients and respond to inquiries more productively. Virtual tours can be offered to clients who live overseas, making all the property hunting endeavors very easy. 

  3. Instant Sense of Belongingness
    Giving clients an immersive virtual tour reduces the hassle of convincing them to rent or buy a property. With virtual presentation real estate, professionals can provide clients with different property views and create an instant sense of belongingness.

  4. Improved Customer Experience
    During a virtual tour of the property, a prospective client understands how the property’s fixtures and fittings work. The virtual tour to the tenant improves the customer experience. It cuts down on inquiry calls to the real estate agent or the landlord by tenants.

The Future of Virtual Real Estate Technology
Virtual tours in real estate are promising to take center stage in the sector. Virtual tours have unprecedented advantages that help real estate professionals successfully promote their projects to a large audience globally in a cost-saving way. Besides, nowadays, there are many simple programs that real estate professionals can use to create an appealing presentation of their projects.

Already there are many real estate companies and agents that use virtual tours as one of their primary promotional tools. Without a doubt, until the end of 2021, all the other companies would follow.


Final Words
Currently, with everything going on around the world lately, virtual tours are significantly helping the industry stay afloat. Although it is a unique technology, it has more benefits than drawbacks, so real estate agents must learn how to adapt to remain competitive in the industry.

Top-ranked Cities in Africa for Real Estate Investment


Investing in real estate never disappoints since it is an immovable property that you may explore as the years go by. Immovable property is an asset in your portfolio that you can upgrade at any time through renovation and new additions.

But growing your income will highly depend on the place and location you choose to invest. Africa remains the top continent for increasing your real estate investment since it is classified as an emerging market. Many global investors invest in Africa and take advantage of the upcoming opportunities.

The most recent findings indicate that Africa still leads with more than 70 percent of China’s international investors. Other countries are following the same direction, i.e., Russia, Turkey, and India. With the alarming growth rate in urban cities, Africa is continuing to pave the way for better opportunities than any other continent. How Africa is lately developing has led to high demand for quality and safe housing, challenging the African government.

There are significant signs of economic growth in real estate currently and in some years to come. We have done thorough research, and here are the various cities in Africa that are recording a significant growth rate.

Nairobi City, Kenya
Nairobi is not an exception when recording Africa’s largest economy. The capital town is in the third category for its faster-growing economy globally and on Africa’s eastern coast. Besides, the city is well-known for its improved infrastructure, especially the road system. With the busy streets across the town, investing in a real estate venture will yield increasing income now, and according to forecast, it will double in the future.

Most big African companies such as Google, Coca-Cola, and IBM have made Nairobi their headquarters. The acknowledgment from those big international companies has contributed to the rise in population, making it hard for the city to meet the housing demand. Also, the tourism sector is robust, resulting in a growing demand for big hotels and guest hubs.

Despite the rapid terrorist attacks experienced some years back, retail tenants’ decline has now turned to a gold rush. Today, it is time to take advantage of the incredible setting in the city and invest.

Accra city, Ghana
Ghana is among the most stable states in Africa in political matters. This political stability contributes to fewer internal conflicts and good relationships with the neighboring states. Keeping this in mind, investing in real estate has gone an extra mile to include domestic and international investors.

The capital city of Ghana is Accra.  Accra has a high population growth. Currently, there is a shortfall of about 100,000 units to meet the housing demand of 150,000 residential units every year. This residential shortage means that affordable residential housing in Accra is still a challenge.

The excellent setting and governmental laws in Accra city allow foreign investors to own property. This city is ideal for investment due to its increasingly urban population looking for employment and rentals.

Luanda city in Angola
Global investors must consider the city of Luanda for investment. Being the capital city of Angola, it is ranked fifth for its growing economy. Even with the recent construction of new units, there is still a shortfall in housing units. The shortage of housing units has resulted in a rise in demand for both residential and commercial properties.

The Luanda port area has increased the demand for commercial units, especially those connected with the oil company. An increase in warehouse space to cope with the high demand and business growth is still expected. Despite a fall in oil prices, the oil industry remains the primary income source for domestic real estate investors. Also, the rise of office space rates has attracted a significant number of global investors per month.

In addition, a few products are locally made, raising the demand for most commodities. Allowing foreign real estate investments is expected to change the market’s entire conditions since locals can produce agricultural products and other products domestically. If locals can produce more products, they will later decrease food commodities rates reaching the Luanda market.

Kigali city, Rwanda
The capital city of Rwanda is Kigali. Kigali is top-ranked in matters of size due to the increasing rate of the urban population. Rwanda is among the nations with an increased demand for residential and commercial properties due to the developing business community. However, Kigali alone cannot meet the housing demands of over four hundred thousand units by 2022.

According to the forecast, with the increasing domestic and international real estate investments, the demand for residential and commercial properties is expected to double. This potential increase is quite encouraging, bearing in mind that the Rwandan Genocide resulted in a standstill in the growth of the annual gross domestic product.

The growing population has led to an increase in both low and medium-rated housing units. Additionally, population growth has also increased government infrastructure development, hence increase the number of overseas investors.

Lagos City, Nigeria
Lagos city has remained the most densely populated city in Nigeria and ranked second in size across the African continent. The town is in fourth place for its growing economy brought by the content’s most prominent and busiest seaports.

The most recent findings show Nigeria has the most extensive gross domestic product (GDP) in Africa. The economy in Nigeria is growing faster than any investor across the globe could imagine. The IMF estimations five years ago show that Nigeria is ranked sixth with a rapidly growing economy.

With Lagos being the biggest city in Nigeria, its population is also not left behind in terms of growth. Lately, Lagos is recording a tremendous population growth rate compared to the other cities in Africa. The development in Nigeria and the population growth have increased demand for highly valued and medium-rated residential and commercial properties.

The cities mentioned above have already shown a tremendous increase in commercial and residential demand.  Therefore, Africa is an open call for investors that focus on high returns.

Ideal Locations for making Your First Investment

Locations for Investment

Are you considering making your first investment?

Pandemic or not, everyone should continuously find ways to grow their cash flow.  One of the best ways to make your money work is through investments.

If it is your first time investing, it is essential to select the ideal locations that provide high investment returns. Expert firms with significant expertise in real estate investments can identify these types of investments and evaluate each location.  

Places that combine location, business operations, opportunities, and quality of life are considered ideal for a first-time investment. 

Ideal Real Estate Investment Destinations

  1. Limassol, Cyprus
    Limassol is an ideal destination for business and pleasure.  Limassol has the biggest port in Cyprus, which makes it one of the leading destinations for tourists. With the recent development of Marina and the old port, Limassol makes itself the forefront of Cyprus’ economic growth.

    With its completed construction, such as the Oval, the One, the Parklane Luxury Collection, and Spa, and the most prominent casino resort in Europe, Limassol is considered an ideal investment destination.

    In Limassol, the actual state for rent is in high demand due to its increasing population, business activities, and infrastructure development. In the past years, there has been a growing number of investors in Limassol.

  2. London, UK
    London is an excellent place to invest despite its recent economic downturn. It remains to be one of the financial centers vis-a-vis New York. In fact, it is the perfect time to buy real estate properties in London because it is now more affordable than in previous years.

    According to Compare the Market, several areas around London’s center offer real estate properties at reasonable prices. These areas have all the potentials to generate a great return on investments in the future. Among the areas expected to experience an economic boom are Canary Wharf, Earls Court, Old Oak Park, and Croydon. It is noteworthy to mention that London’s real estate rental market was not affected by the pandemic effects, and it stills provides a high return on investment to property owners.

  3. New York, US
    Known as the “Big Apple” and the “city that never sleeps,” New York remains to be a land of opportunities, not just for job seekers but most importantly for investors. The Wealth Report named New York, particularly Manhattan, as the number one county in terms of wealth, investment, and lifestyle.

    Facebook, Amazon, and Google have also chosen New York City for their expansion. Thus, it is now called the East Coast Silicone Valley. With all of these happening in New York, your real estate property investment holds a great future. 

    In fact, 75% of New York residents are renters.  For that reason, investors usually invest their money in condominium apartments and studio size spaces since they are in high tenant demand. Even though, according to the Castle Avenue Team, real estate buying prices went down from 7% to 10% as a backlash of COVID-19, the rental market still shows an upward demand.

  4. Las Vegas, U.S.
    The economy in Las Vegas is steadily recovering and has reached new heights this year. As a matter of fact, Las Vegas has recorded the lowest unemployment rate, 3.5%, with lots of new job opportunities coming in. The Las Vegas economy’s primary income source is tourism and gaming, making it the world’s Top Tourist destination.

    In recent years, Las Vegas commercial real estate market had experienced an economic slump. Due to this, investors can find distressed properties at a fraction of their original price. These properties are being assigned for disposition, such as office buildings and other retail spaces.

    Apart from this, most Las Vegas residential estates are for foreclosure. Investment financial, real estate analysts are looking at Las Vegas today and thinking of the future.

  5. Boise Idaho, U.S.
    Investors are looking toward Boise, Idaho, recently because of its promising future. The U.S. Census Bureau identified Idaho with a net migration average of 19,000 people per year.

    Boise has a balance between urban and rural with a high livability rate. It has a stable economy with only a 2.9% unemployment rate. The Business Insider identified Boise as the third favorable location to find an available job.

    The best areas to invest in Boise are East Boise, North End, Downtown, Central Bench, West Boise, Meridian, Nampa, and Caldwell. According to weknowboise.com, the Boise Metro Area is setting a new record because of high buyer demand compared with low supply.

  6. Dubai, UAE
    Dubai is considered as the city with a high return on investment opportunities. The country’s most prestigious real estate developers have a steady flow of projects that offer investors attractive prices and payment plans.

    Because of Dubai’s continued growth and development, there is a continuous flow of job opportunities. Dubai attracts tourists from different parts of the world. Among the best areas identified as the best places to invest are Barsha Heights, Dubai Sports City, Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Village Circle, and Business Bay & Downtown Dubai.

    Another lucrative investment in Dubai is its financial market, such as bonds, mutual funds, stocks, exchange-traded funds, and gold.

  7. Mexico’s Riviera Maya
    Riviera Maya is the second most visited place in Mexico. Riviera Maya is a coastal region with plenty of beaches, archeological sites, and ecological reserves. Retirees choose Riviera Maya for its tranquil lifestyle.

    The influx of tourists in this place makes it more attractive and ideal for investment. Unlike the United States, Mexico’s real estate properties are more affordable but with a high capital gain.

    Riviera Maya is an ideal destination for investing in because of its prime location, increasing infrastructure, and growing tourism.

  8. Lisbon, Portugal
    Lisbon is another tourist hotspot that has been attracting investors from around the world. Lisbon has been awarded the World Travel Award for the best destination in 2017 and 2018. Its thriving economy is one of the reasons why Lisbon is an ideal location for investment.

    Portugal’s government offers foreign investors many incentives such as the Golden Visa benefit, Non-Habitual Residency Program, Start-Up Visa Program, and other tax incentives. The growth of Airbnb in Lisbon makes it more profitable to invest in real estate.


Final Thoughts
If it is your first-time investment, it is wise to study the ideal locations we have provided and discuss your options with your financial advisors and real estate experts.

When investing in, the most important thing is the market’s comprehensive knowledge, a well-drafted investment plan, and a professional real estate investment expert.  

As Warren Buffet advises, “Never invest in a business, you cannot understand.”

How to handle your Stress when Buying a House

Cope with stress

One of the most challenging tasks you will encounter as an adult is buying a new house. The amount of stress you must deal with when buying a house is sometimes overwhelming. There are a plethora of things that could go south while purchasing a house, like:

  • Delays for third parties
  • Difficulties in finding the perfect house
  • The property that was bought was not what was expected
  • Problems that may occur until the completion day
  • Issues with the removals company
  • Issues with getting a mortgage
  • Communication problems with the surveyor or real estate agents

The process of buying a new house can be incredibly stressful, and the ones mentioned above are just some of the issues you might face; there are tons more to deal with.

Coping with the stress of buying a new house is quite tricky, but you can do some little things to minimize the amount of stress you are getting, i.e.

  1. Plan Ahead

Planning way before you start any action in buying a house is one of the best methods you can use to confront your possible stress. Planning takes time, but it worth it once you start looking for a house.

First of all, know exactly the amount you want to spend on your new house. If you know how much you will pay, you won’t have any money troubles when the time comes because you’ll be more prepared.

Next, plan the type of house you want. For example, decide whether you want a bungalow or 2-story house, or if you want to have more than one bedroom. Also, you have to plan where you want to live to do some research before proceeding with buying a house.

Moreover, don’t forget always to have a backup plan so that if in case you won’t get what you initially want, you can still go with plan B. This plan will help you to avoid the stress of not getting what you always wanted.

  1. Find a Good Real Estate Agent

Honestly, finding an excellent real estate agent you can trust is hard work, but it pays well. This is because some agents are just in it for the money and don’t really care about their customers.

To find good real estate agents, you may try asking your family, friends or perhaps, some experts in this industry for any advice that might help. Also, investigate your real estate agents so that you will know their background whether they are trustworthy or not.

If you have the capacity and enough money to do so, try looking for a realtor instead of a real estate agent. Realtors are the real professionals in real estate and are more trustworthy the real estate agents.

Finding the perfect real estate agent is just one of the many things you can do to lessen the stress you can acquire from buying a house.

  1. Talk to Someone

Talking to a friend or family member is actually a great help for overcoming your stress. You may encounter problems while buying a house, and these problems can cause a lot of pressure, but sharing these problems with someone you trust can lift a little bit of load off your shoulders.

  1. Practice Gratitude

This technique doesn’t just apply to the stress from buying a house but will also apply to any stressful situations that you may encounter in life.

First of all, be thankful for the little things you have, like having the chance to buy a new house. Some people don’t even have the luxury of staying somewhere with a roof.

Being grateful for the blessings that come into your life, even if some are minuscule, is a way to exercise your mental health to feel just a little stress when things don’t go right.

  1. Let It Out

It is indeed stressful when you want to buy a house. Sometimes few things might not be as planned. So, if you can’t think positively, you can always let it all out. Just let all your anger and frustrations out, and then start thinking about how you can recover.

Putting your emotions inside a bottle instead of letting it all out is just going to add more strain to your mental health.

Not letting your emotions out can save you from the trouble of heartbreak, but it will just be more stressful for you in the long run.

  1. Think About the Future

What better way to cope with stress than thinking about the future you will have with your brand-new home?

Just think about the good things that will happen once you move to that new house of yours. Remember that you are free to enjoy it as much as possible once you buy the house.

  1. Save Enough Money

The most stressful factor of buying a house is the cost. If your dream house worth a fortune, it would be best to save enough money before purchasing that house. It is essential to confirm that you have no pending credits because this will add more stress.

A new house is never really cheap. It may take you some time to manage to save up a fortune for the house but buying a home when you are under-budget only brings tremendous stress.

Also, never be in a rush when buying a house; you may end up buying a place that you don’t want to live in.


Final Thoughts
It is not easy to cope with the stress you accumulate when buying a brand-new house. The pressure will always be there, you cannot avoid it, but you can lessen the stress if you plan ahead your actions.

Sometimes, it may seem overwhelming, but you just have to push through to the end and just deal with any of the problems that may arise.

12 Moving Tips That Will Make Your Moving Process Easy


You have found a better house, and it is time to move! Right Now, it is time to figure out how to move everything without spending too much money or causing damage to your fragile lamp or dressing mirror.

Maybe you have not had so good experiences with moving in the past, and the thought of moving is giving you anxiety.

Moving does not have to be a stressful process. With the right amount of planning and organization, moving can be fun and inspirational since it is the beginning of a new start.

Easy and Practical Moving Tips

  1. Declutter Before Packing
    You probably have household items that you do not use. Chances are, even after moving, you will not use these items. Thus, when you are already packing, they will take up more space than what is necessary.

    Therefore, before you start packing, identify items that are unnecessary or unused. You can sell them or donate them. Getting rid of them will ensure you have less stuff to pack and more space for important things.
  1. Categorize Your Stuff
    Organize your things by category and not by room. For instance, put the kitchen items together and clothes together. With that said, instead of spending the entire afternoon packing clothes from your closet, get all your clothes in one room. After this, start sorting them.

    Repeat this process for different items. Go to the kitchen and get kitchenware together and start packing them into the cartons. Do the same for shoes, books, essential papers, and others. When it gets to packing, label the stuff by category.
  1. Research Moving Companies
    Even if you may have private means, you probably need to hire a moving company. They are professionals; thus, they will make moving an easy process. Aside from this, they are efficient and will get the work done faster than doing it yourself or even with help.

    A moving company will make the difference between a smooth moving experience and a frustrating one. Therefore, you need to research to ensure you get the best company. Since Google will be flooding you with moving companies, be sure to go through the company reviews.
  1. Choose the Right Day to Move
    When will you be free? Remember, moving companies are usually busy on weekends. Therefore, you need to pick a moving day and inform them in advance to book a slot. If you can be available on a weekday, you might even get a discount.

    Also, it is best to hire movers at least 30 days in advance. Doing so will allow you to prepare accordingly. If you have a flexible working schedule, you can check which date is most convenient and settle for the month’s best time to schedule your appointment.
  1. Identify which is the Best Method to Move
    Mostly, the method which you use to move depends on how far you are moving. Are you moving to a neighboring state or across the country? Regardless of where you are moving to, you need an efficient travel route to save on time.

    Therefore, map out the best route to use when traveling to your new home. You wouldn’t want to get stuck in traffic or keep typing the address on your GPS. When mapping out a route, check potentially scheduled highway constructions to avoid inconvenience.
  1. Come up with a To-Do-List
    Moving can be smooth and fun, or it can be hectic. It all depends on how you plan. There is probably so much to do when moving. So chances are, you will forget half of what you were supposed to do.

    Therefore, to ensure these essential tasks don’t slip your mind, no matter how obvious they may seem, create a to-do-list. Write down what you need to do. You can use an app on your phone or manually write them in your notebook. Remember, no detail is insignificant, so write it down.
  1. Set Reminders of your Moving Tasks or Write them on your Calendar
    Besides writing a to-do-list, you can take your level of the organization up a notch. Have your moving tasks in a reminder app, or mark them on your Calendar.

    For instance, Monday: Call the moving company, Tuesday: Sort through the clothes, Wednesday: Get boxes, Fridays: Donate extra items.

    Breaking up your tasks by day will make them seem more manageable. Aside from keeping you more organized, you will also look forward to them.
  1. Get Moving Boxes
    If you already have boxes, make sure they are enough to pack in everything. On the other hand, if you do not have boxes, you need to start getting them.

    You can check out a wholesale shop near you. Alternatively, you can also check at any liquor store in your area. See if they recycle boxes and if you can grab some for your moving boxes. Ensure the boxes you pick are not worn out and can hold your items securely.
  1. Original Boxes of your Items
    After unpacking a new item, for instance, electronics, we tend to throw away the boxes. However, if you kept them, that is a plus. You probably think your TV can withstand the drive to your new home.

    While it can, electronics are fragile, so the best way to move them is by placing them in the initial box you purchased them in.

    Check to see if you may have the original boxes in your store, or maybe the garage. If not, you can buy other cartoons and cushion these devices. You can use bubble wraps, quilted blankets, or sturdy tapes for delicate items such as TVs.
  1. Call in Favors Beforehand
    Would you like help packing from your friends or family? Strive to inform them early enough.

    Be courteous to inform them some weeks before your actual moving. You can call them and schedule the meet or send them an email to ensure you are on the same page.
  1. Start Packing
    Packing ahead is easy and less stressful compared to packing everything in a day. Moreover, you will be packing at your own time, so it’s less likely that you will forget or miss out on anything.
  1. Don’t forget to change your Address
    Most people forget to do this until weeks after they are settled in their new home and realize they are not getting any mail.

    Always change your address a week before moving. It will ensure that your bills, mail, packages, and credit card statements will be sent to the correct address on time.

Final Thoughts
With the tips mentioned above, moving will be simple than ever. Remember to schedule a date with your preferred moving company a month prior. Also, if possible, move on a weekday to get a discount.

When packing, sort your items by category and mark the boxes. Remember to cushion fragile items such as glasses, mirrors, and TVs.

Write down any moving tasks to avoid them from slipping your mind. Ensure you change your address a week before moving. Good luck!

What to Look Out For When Getting a Mortgage


Buying your own house to build your family is one of the many crucial steps to take to ensure stability. However, it would most likely be the costliest purchase you will make in your lifetime.

Most of the time, a buyer may not have that much money on hand, which means he/she will need to take out a mortgage to purchase it. With that said, there are a lot of possible pitfalls that you could fall into if you aren’t too careful.

As such, this article will guide you on some of the things you need to consider and mistakes to watch out for when taking a mortgage. These will help you avoid any complications on the way.

Checking your Credit Before Starting
A common mistake many mortgage takers make is being negligent in checking their credit before starting the process. This practice can catch you in surprise when you receive your credit report, and this is something that you do not want to happen.

Not checking your credit will eventually make you lose money along the way, or worse, the house you intend to buy. To avoid this, check your credit before you start shopping for your dream home. If necessary, clear out some of the errors on your report, which may take a while to fix.

You have the right to a once-a-year free credit report from Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion, and they can fix the errors if there are any. The three bureaus will correct the error within 30 to 45 days.

Simultaneous New Credit Application
Applying for a new credit card while taking a mortgage will make your credit score drop because of the application check, which will last about 12 months. This may negatively affect the credit you already have, which also applies to closing old accounts.

The best thing to do is not open or close any credit line and watch what you’re doing. Stray away from other credit applications and keep paying on time, and you’ll be fine.

Opting on a Mortgage Lender without Checking Other Possibilities
Building trust between you and your mortgage lender will give you an advantage in the pre-approval period, which means less time wasted on the application when you have the contract signing.

Although the interest rates and terms are similar between lenders, the difference will be evident in the naming of final fees depending on the lender. Thus, it is wise for you to ask about title insurance fees, document preparation fees, and attorney fees.

To ensure that you’re dealing with the right lender, connect with relatives and close friends, and ask about their experience with their mortgage lenders.

This way, they will be able to recommend you to a few promising ones you can converse with before you make your choice.

Pre-Approval Process
Pre-approval would be extremely helpful in giving you a clear idea of the specifics you will work with. The pre-approval will include the interest rate, monthly payments, insurance cost, etc. Also, pre-approval makes the process faster, given that you have gained the lender’s trust.

You can quickly be pre-approved by asking for it and preparing the necessary paperwork, which may include the following:

  • W-2s
  • Tax returns
  • Bank statements
  • Pay stubs
  • Necessary loan documents

Accepting an Excessive Loan
You have to make sure that you’re able to cover all the expenses needed for your new home, so taking on a loan you can barely afford would not be a wise choice. Eventually, if you keep missing payments, you’ll end up losing it.

To avoid this mistake, you should make sure you consider the property taxes, maintenance cost, and homeowner’s insurance fees that will run around 1% of the house value per year.

A great choice would be to ask for the sellers’ utility bill copies for 12 months. Upon pre-approval, lop off 20% off the lender’s maximum numbers to avoid being stretched too far.

Signing Documents You Did not Read Thoroughly
Taking a mortgage for a house is not as easy as many people think it is. Many buyers either do not ask enough questions or do not read the terms and conditions.

Knowing what’s on the contract and documents before signing will save you from possible fraud and excess payments. Regardless of your relationship with the lender, there’s nothing to lose with having sufficient knowledge.

The information you need to know are as follows:

  • Type of loan
  • The payment from start to end
  • The interest rate
  • Closing Fee

Most if not all creditors will ask you to pay for the insurance and taxes as soon as possible, so you should be aware of this as well. Note that the tax payments will affect the final amount to be paid during the closing period.

Timing the Market
Paying for your dream house at a lower rate is tempting. Thus, many people try to delay the process while waiting for prices to drop down or try to reduce the price as mush as possible.  

However, this practice is not as good as it sounds because the difference may be too little and cause the buyer the opportunity to acquire a great real estate unit.  

Better yet, if you’re ready and found the perfect house for you and your family, then go ahead and grab it and do not bother with timing the market.

Now that you have gone through the mistakes you might make along the way; you are all set to make your move in taking the mortgage for your dream home while taking the necessary precautions.

Hopefully, these will make you feel safer and assure you of a smoother mortgage process. Once you’re sufficiently prepared, you may start finding your mortgage lender and ideal house as soon as you can.